Project assurance and health checks
Project management consulting and mentoring

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An independent assessment of a projects status, provides the basis for transparent decision making by stakeholders.

Project Assurance and Health Checks

Project Startup

Are your projects setup to succeed?
Are the original estimates for cost and schedule reasonable for the required scope?
Is there appropriate governance and oversight in place to monitor progress?
Will the project reporting and progress tracking tools support transparent decision making by stakeholders?
Are there agreed success criteria to allow a determination as to whether the project was successful?

In-flight projects

Are your projects being managed according to your organisations expectations?
Are the project baselines for cost, schedule, scope and quality being met?
Are changes to the project baselines being managed appropriately and approved according to your organisations delegations of authority?
Are the estimates to complete realistic?
Are project stakeholders engaged and committed to the project?
Do project stakeholders understand their roles in successful project delivery and acceptance of the delivered solution?
Will the business users be ready to accept the delivered solution?
Is the solution ready to be handed over to the business users?
Does your organisation use the Prince2 project delivery methodology? If so, we can provide the mandated project assurance role.

Project Completion

Did the project achieve the desired outcomes?
Understanding lessons learned after a project is a key tool to improve project delivery capability in an organisation.
Xamia will run lesson learned workshops with key stakeholders and project team members to document what went well with the project, and what can be done differently next time.

Consulting and Mentoring

Process Improvement

Xamia will review your project management methodology, tools and other artefacts and make recommendations for improvement or assist to develop a methodology scaled to your organisations needs.


Xamia will work with Project Sponsors, Business Owners, Project Managers and other key project personnel to assist them to better perform their roles.
This would be a flexible arrangement based on a regular meeting aimed at capability development.

Key focus areas


Review the project estimates for cost and schedule, as they were provided for project approval.
Advise on the suitability and level of accuracy of the estimates provided and make recommendations regarding the level of contingency that should be considered.


Review the approach to project oversight that has been implemented by your organisation.
Consider the delegations of authority that are assigned to the Project Manager, other key stakeholders and the organisation executive.
Review how are end users and business owners engaged and their ability and/or willingness to accept the delivered solution?
Make recommendations to ensure best practice oversight of the project.

Tracking and Forecasting

Review how the cost, schedule, scope and expectations of the project are being tracked.
Review how project risks and issues are managed.
Make recommendations to ensure that the reported project status is based on traceable facts and not just on "gut feeling".
Are the forecast estimates to complete, for cost, schedule and scope realistic and based on traceable metrics.


Reporting is required at multiple levels within an organisation. It is imperative that the reports are based on traceable facts and align to the approved project baselines.

Baseline Review

Since the project was approved, what has changed?
How are the project changes managed?
Have changes been made in alignment with the approved delegations of authority?

Business Readiness

What actions are in place to ensure that the business is ready to accept and use the outcomes from this project?
Are those actions sufficient?
Will business and other senior stakeholder expectations be met?