IT Project Assurance

De-risking the delivery of IT projects through independent health checks and oversight

Providing independent project assurance and oversight services

How we can help you?

Xamia Project Services provides an independent view of the status of your IT projects, in order to assess the risks to successful delivery.

An independent assessment of a projects’ status, provides the basis for transparent decision making by stakeholders.

Engaging an independent reviewer demonstrates that your organisation in undertaking due diligence of your projects.

Our Principal Consultant brings 30 years of successful project delivery and project assurance experience to your projects.

Project reviews are conducted at three main points in the project lifecycle:

Project Startup  |  In-flight Projects  |   Project Completion

In addition, we provide a comprehensive consulting service to develop project management or governance methodologies that are scaled to your organisation as well as mentoring services to increase your organisations project management capability.


Why do I need project assurance services?

Many organisations struggle to deliver their IT projects on time and within budget, while meeting stakeholder expectations.

According to the benchmark study published by the Standish Group (2017 CHAOS Report), for small to medium projects:

  – 35% of projects are challenged

  – 8% fail

  – 57% succeed, but many deliver only a subset of the expected functionality

Note that large, complex projects, usually with large teams and using non-agile methodologies, have significantly poorer success rates. For medium sized companies with challenged projects, the average cost overrun was 182% and the average schedule overrun is 202% and the average number of functions delivered was 65%.

A key means of avoiding challenged or failed projects is to ensure that the project is being planned and managed according to industry best practice, especially with regard to; initial estimating and establishment of a baseline for cost, schedule and stakeholder expectations, tracking against those baselines, managing changes to the baselines and ensuring that appropriate governance and oversight is in place, especially with regard to delegations of authority for changing the baselines.

Are you using an agile project delivery approach? Have you been told you do not need a structured project management methodology? Ask yourself these questions… “How much has it cost to deliver the current scope”? “What percentage of the overall project functionality has been delivered”? “What is it going to cost to complete the project and when will it be complete”? Then, having asked these questions, the final question needs to be “Is there evidence to support these answers and what level of confidence do I have”?

Project assurance is the discipline that seeks to provide an independent and objective oversight of likely future performance of projects in order to inform the decisions of those responsible for sanctioning, financing and overseeing such undertakings.

At the completion of a Xamia project review, your organisation will receive a report describing observations of the project, with recommendations for improvement that, if adopted, will assist to de-risk overall project delivery and increase the likelihood of meeting stakeholder expectations.